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Ford 6.0 guys have I lost my everloving mind?? Input welcomed!


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I did some research before I bought my 6.4 on a Cummins swap. I was prepared before buying it for a 5.9 swap or rebuild and bulletproofing the 6.4. I don’t remember the price difference now cause this was 3 years ago but it was a lot cheaper to rebuild the powerstroke. Definitely a lot less headaches with the electronics to work properly after a swap. The fummins pickups  that I’ve seen of that era all had check engine lights on and a few other electrical issues. 

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From what I've researched you can build a reliable 6.4 for about 10 if you do the work yourself.   6.4 needs to be deleted as the way the factory dealt with emissions lead to lots of problems.   That and the junk pistons they came with need replaced.   


I sure like the looks of the 6.4 trucks and the  power they can make is phenomenal.   But with the factory pistons it's just a matter time till they crack.  


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Sold the 6.0 today.   Thanks to everyone in this thread that helped me along the and offered encouragement.  :)  


was a good truck but the king ranch is more gooder lol 

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