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I am in need of a fuel pump for a 1946 International T-6.  It's a type "B" pump.  All I really need is the rocker arm.  Missing parts is okay.  Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell?

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may be able to do with out or very small electric

do some outside searches back to here likely may be covered  ,maybe  f -20  d 20 truck  etc

try to source more details on the model , any # etc ,  likely fits many  and if  it swaps to car/ truck   ,hemming similar sites may point to replacement/repair

send a commision for doing some leg work

but dont see a rocker as yet 

good luck

 I am showing IH 28659 HA > 35008 r91

 ac             1521676

arm 37    ih 28824D      ac       1521745









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11 hours ago, REDMAN said:

Put a electric fuel pump on it 

IIRC you have to size it correct (slow)so as not to overwhelm 60 year old /china needle/float

and have return to not overheat.

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