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The tractor world lost another great

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Oliver "Ollie" Schaefer passed away Friday at 80. He was a founding member of the Oliver club and the father of Sherry Schaefer, who as you know, has Heritage Iron magazine. She is also a member here.

Condolences to Sherry and her family.

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Sorry to hear that my condolences to them . He will be missed !!!

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Thoughts and prayers to Sherrie and family 

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Prayer and condolences to Sherry and family.  Oliver is loosing lot of history , God speed to Sherry to keep legacy alive.

we are loosing so many tractor guys ! 
from when I was chairman of CAFES in 2018 to being chairman in 2020  we have lost five of our great exhibitors and with them go the tractors to auction. 
finding that to be true in car clubs also . 
had a big fund raiser car show yesterday here in our community of Easton and we were laughing that all the exhibitors are damn near same age as me , Old ,Most of people enjoying them were our age also. Lol
really concerning . 
in our iH family we lost Robert Grant just about week ago 

Great to see a few young guys coming in but it’s tuff for them , money, time, work, raising a family.



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Prayers and condolences to Sherry and family , ....I trust they have plenty of support around them at this time .....

Heath , NZ

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