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F-12 crankcase vent

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I've been working on my '36 F-12 on and off for a couple years now.  Was getting some bits and pieces ready the other day, one of which is the crankcase vent pipe.  Darned if I can remember how it was oriented and I can't find a picture in the manuals or in the pictures I took on disassembly.  It must screw into the front of the block as shown in the picture, but what is the proper orientation of the pipe?  It can't go straight down and doesn't look like it will fit behind the magneto.  Only other option is the pipe goes down diagonally along the top of the timing cover.  Anyone confirm if this is correct?  Thanks!




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It runs diagonally down in front of engine block finishing up in front of fuel pump, the angle is very near to down as steep as it will go

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