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whats the biggest tractor y'all have run?

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Drove a versatile 1150 for 5 seedings in west Aussie 30 years ago.Dropped a power shift in it for the last two seasons.Went from duals to triples about the same time.Made a beast out of an nice tractor.  Just finished driving a jd 9510r, not much too write home about 💩

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3 Turbo Hypermax SS.

In a similar vein, can I include an M113A1  Armored Personnel Carrier (Diesel, 12 Ton,  212HP)?

The biggest I’ve been fortunate to run is 2+2 guys 3788.  

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2 minutes ago, billonthefarm said:

Not the largest physical tractor I own or have driven but the most power I have ever had under the hood. 

What do you think she's runnin'?

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Not tractors but big, I’ve put 1000+ hours a year on the red one since 14, going to put 1000+ on the black one now for a few years.

Biggest tractor-8370r. Pretty sweet ride even though it’s painted weenie green.


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