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IH 3434

Simon Friis

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Looking at buying a IH 3434 utility tractor. Owner informs that absolutely no maintenance has been carried out last 20 years. Hydraulic oil full of water and looks like slurry . It starts and runs very well. Any experienced owners here who can contribute to whether buying it or stay away.

parts still available?

Asked price is 3000usd and its a rare object here in Denmark. 


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Is the IH 3434 an industrial version of the agricultural 434 manufactured in Bradford, Uk, with BD-154 Diesel engine? 

About 3 years ago there was an owner looking for info as well, see this link:


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Here is another link from UK: http://www.classicmachinery.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=9896&sid=a1fa2b2523014d4756b173d68eeae0b5

We had B414D, 434 and 384 all based on same Bradford, UK tractor with BD-154 engine on my Dad's farm for many years, very reliable, durable and simple tractors to work on.

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There are still plenty of parts available via CIH or after market suppliers for the ag tractors B414, 434, 444, 384 and their variations including a version that the India company that Mahindra
manufactured under license to CIH.
Hows is the hydraulic system setup? Aux pump in front of the rad and external reservoir? 

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Yep. Pump in the front. And 1/2water1/2oil in hyd reservoir in right wheel guard. Needs tlc. Power steering makes a horrible squeeling sound when turning to end stop right/left.

a bit concerned about liner corrosion, no coolant additive in rad, only super rusty water. Hoping good flush can stop things from escalating. 

If anyone has pictures of brake disassembly I’d appreciate viewing them. 

Is the engine exact same as 444? 

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Hi Simon,
Re brakes, this 3434 should have the new style brakes, very simple to work on and clean up and get working.
See this link: https://www.anglo-agriparts.com/International-harvester-brakes

Re BD-154 basically the same from B414D to end of production in the mid 1980s, IH just tweak a few things like air filter from oil bath to dry element, water pump and thermostat, fuel supply lines. For any parts look up part number on caseih.com and the google the ih part number and usually several suppliers especially in the UK.

Link to caseih.com parts for BD-154 Diesel engine: https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html#epc::mr63304ag5878662

Link to caseih.com parts for 434 tractor: https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html#epc::mr50025
For your industrial 3434 you may have to look under 2444, link: https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html#epc::mr50024   

I have an Operator's Manual for B414 in PDF format but your email system have to be able to accommodate 5 attachments of 25 MBytes each.
Also have the IH Service manual for BD-154 engine in PDF. 

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Thanks Jim. 

Especially for the links. It has an oilbath airfilter and i didnt examine the brakes closely enough the see whether dry as on the 444 or wet. 

Please send the bd-154 manual to  simonsiirf@gmail.com 

If your using messenger I can send you a walkaround movie of the old lady. 

Cheers Simon


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They are simple to service, the not fun part is getting the assembly back on. that floating disc inside the ear is not fun to line up with the splines. get read to wrestle with it... 

I used cheap mahindra parts off ebay on mine. two years later, no complaints.  


I hope this helps



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Simon, 54/74/84/85/95/32Xx/42xx series tractors were built in Doncaster, UK with German Neuss built Diesel engines, B250/275/414/434/444/384 series built in Bradford, UK.  Different design.

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3 hours ago, Simon Friis said:

Hi Al. 

Thanks for the pictures. They look the same as on my Volvo BM 650. 

I just thought the ih 3434 had wet brakes as on my other ih 474, where I’ve never tuched the brakes..

Thank you again?

I love those Volvo BM. I had the pleasure of using a bunch 800 and 900 models on a local potato farm.   




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