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Hydraulic Lift-All pump seal.


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I am working on the Lift-All pump for the MD. 

I am replacing the 2 lip seals in it and both are NLA from I-H.

Between O'Reilys & NAPA they were able to source me one with dimensions I gave them for the Pump Shaft Drive Coupling but nothing for the Control Shaft. The closest they could find was a metric one, the I.D. was fine but the O.D. was way too big. I really don't want to enlarge the bore in the pump housing/oil reservoir  if at all possible. 

Has anyone gotten one for the Control Shaft that worked and is willing to share a part number? The dimensions needed are: O.D. (bore) 1.143" & .746" I.D. ( shaft size). 


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Tractors below serial number 103761 didn't have a actual oil seal. When one was added the  control shaft needed changed to 15089EA to add a seal below the serial number.  Don't know of a seal to use for 494027R1. Timken National 340495 may work in a pinch if you could shim the OD and use sealer.  OD 1.133, ID .750, .250 wide.  Don't know if it would stay in if teflon tape was wrapped on the OD.  Probably a good chance you have one after 103761 built in late 45. Dave

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