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Valve for Super WD9 and other letter series


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The tractor came with this valve but it was froze. I took the top off started letting wd40 and pb blaster soak in and I got it free but it doesn’t seem to return to the middle (will return all the way one way) since I put everything back in the spring and plate have me puzzled.

Can anybody shed some light because a don’t have one free to open and compare it to?





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That rod sticking out of the cover should have the spring sticking out of the spool retained on it with a little roll pin and the whole thing should be retained in the spool with a spring clip (my clip looks home made). The rod should be held stationary by the cover and the spool should move up and down along it when assembled. I guess the 2 notched jam nuts are for setting the tension of the spring possibly?



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Here are some pictures from a different angle. The spool and cover needs assembled then put in the housing. The stud on the top of the centering spring is what goes thru the cover and anchors the spring.The spring and rod goes in the spool as shown in the other pictures.




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