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48 minutes ago, Farmall1066 said:

I thought you eat jerky?!?! ????

just gota get it dry enuf :P


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1 hour ago, Farmall1066 said:

I thought you eat jerky?!?! ????




Sorry, didn't mean to drive off the curve.

My wife makes wonderful deer jerky. 

Many have asked her to write her recipe down and she can't. She has her mixins and adds a pinch of this and that. It always turns out the same which is GREAT!!!

Amongst the normal stuff I think brown sugar is one of the things that I like in it. 

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Bought a pepper mix from LEM. Made 5 lbs. Just used straight venison burger. Mixed it 2 days before in a covered bowl in the fridge. Ran in through my jerky cannon on mesh jerky racks in the oven on 150 for several hours until done. It was finger licking good. Went to freeze some and the wife said leave a little more of that out would yah. 

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I would like to come up with a good recipe from scratch, but don't have one. I have used 2 different brands. One high country, and the other high mountain, both in smoker, and in dehydrator. Dehydrator is easier, but def prefer the smoker. Between the 2, I prefer high mountain best. Mostly use it on beef, but also have used it for elk and deer with good results


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I use the spice and cure packets that are supplied by the manufacturer of my dehydrator. I jazz them up with some honey or real maple syrup for a little bit of a sweet taste. Nothing fancy but I can't stop eating it when I make it

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Here is what I use 

usually make jerky in the smokehouse

Jerky Seasoning

      Makes 5 Lbs  mix
    Pounds Ounces  
  Salt 3.13 50.00 62.50%
  Garlic 0.26 4.2 5.25%
  Black Pepper 1.43 22.80 28.50%
  Onion Powder 0.06 1.00 1.25%
  Brown Sugar 0.10 1.6 2.00%
  Meat Tenderizer 0.04 0.60 0.75%
    5.0 80.20 100%
Remove all fat from Surface of Meat. Cut meat in to 1/4" strips approximately 3" or whatever length you desire.
Take a rectangle square pan and sprinkle the rub on the pan until you cover the bottom. Next place a layer of meat
in the pan. Sprinkle more rub on top until everything is thoroughly coated. Now continue to place layers until you run out
of meat. Always cover the last layer with the rub mixture. Cover the top with foil and place in the refrigerator for 24-36 hours.


Place in the smoke house on racks at about 150 degrees and smoke the product for approximately 1 hour.                                    Continue to cook product                                                                                      
for an additional 10 hours or until it reaches the optimum chewiness you desire. Remove and let cool and package.
Dehydrator                                                                                                                                                                                                                To add smoke flavor dip the meat in liquid smoke before placing it in the seasoning pan.
Layer in product leaving space for air to flow in between the racks. Set dehydrator on it's hottest setting (around 155-165)
and let it go for 8 hours. Check periodically for the proper chewiness.
Teriyaki Flavor
If you want to add some teriyaki flavor. Buy Teriyaki sauce (looks like Soy Sauce not the thick sweet version)
and marinate the meat in it for about 45 minutes before you do the rub.


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my recipie is mainly soy sauce, worscheshire sauce, dry mustard, mrs dash or similar spice blend, black pepper liquid smoke.  No set amount other than you want the soy sauce to be the main base.  I just mix to taste then start to marinate once it is done to my liking.   Wife doesn't like jerky, so more for me. 

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