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Perhaps we need a "WORDS TO LIVE BY " thread


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To paraphrase someone in my past:

if you could trade problems with someone else, you'd probably want your own problems back.

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21 hours ago, sandhiller said:


That about gave me flashbacks just looking at it. My dog befriended a skunk. They were "buddies" for about 2 years. They'd stop 'n' sniff at each other nose to nose & then take off, chasing each other around in the hay field. Stopped taking the dog out for a walk at dusk & that fixed the problem.


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Thought for the day:

Sometimes when you cry, nobody sees your tears...

Sometimes when you're hurt, nobody sees your pain...

Sometimes when you're sad, nobody sees your sorrow...


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7 hours ago, searcyfarms said:

confuscious says

man who stand on toilet high on pot 



He also say,

 “naked man walk sideways through door going to Bangkok .”  

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It is better to expend effort in a losing cause than to

carry the regret of not trying.


Praise God, we don't always lose.




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