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Unusual 806 LP

706 German

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Just updating with some pictures. Finally got all my parts back from the machine shop. Had to CNC 7/8 of each side of the front cover and notch it on the bottom side. The rear cover came from Ed Leaman and looks like it is going to work perfect. 




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1 hour ago, Nebraska1206 said:

Looks like a clean installation, no lengthening hoods or anything like that.  I like it when an engine swap is done nice like that, too often it isn't.

I wish that was the case. It is setup so that a 1026/1456 hood and side tins will bolt on but I have not had any luck finding a hood for it.

I don’t think it can be done with out adding into the hood. I used a 806 gas radiator and 666 diesel fan that I had the center machines out to bolt on with out the spacer and as you can see in the picture I have about 1/2” of clearance. 


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So an 806 gas has shorter frame rails and hood than the diesel?  I know they are shorter between the 263/282 vs the 358 on the 706, but I didn't know if they did that on the 806 too.  I understood that unless you had the 1026/1456 grill in the forward position, making only those two with the longer hoods,  the 806/856/1206/1256 hoods were the same length.

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