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Hi all,

I have been working on my grandpa's 350D that hasn't run in quite a while. He parked it after it started missing and never got around to looking into it. After taking the valve cover off it turns out that all it was was a pushrod fell off. Took the pan off and there was the pushrod sitting there with a couple bends in it but otherwise no damage. Cam looks good and we can still see the lifter so hopefully just needing a new pushrod. Can't figure though how the pushrod fell past the cam...

Does anyone here happen to have a parts engine with a pushrod or know where one could be located? I have found that it is super hard to locate parts for these Continental D193 engines. If a new pushrod cannot be located we could always bend this one back into shape but it would be nice to get a new one in there.




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nos could be dear$$$

plenty of used out there

 have straitened plenty of gas ones   135 like to do it just for show

would do complete check as to cause then get it true as possible and run 4-5 hours before putting new in its place

valve issue loose bolt then bend occured from falling...?

photos required.....

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