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Hi everyone 

In the September of 2018 my folks went to the Lloyd Welter auction in Monticello, Iowa and came back with this tractor. It has a Komatsu 2 cylinder diesel motor. A lot of the tin work and other parts look the same as on his 284. He was able to get a reprint parts manual from the Wisconsin Historical Society archives. I get limited info everytime I Google it, only it was made 73'-76' and the specs on the motor. Never seen it listed in any of the U.S. buyers guides from those years. Was wondering if anybody has seen many of these or has any different info?  Thanks 





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 I’ve never seen an IH tractor like that or even heard of that model number, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist either! 

 I would think if it was sold by IH it would have and IH serial number plate on it, it is possible that somebody took a Komatsu tractor and turned it into an IH

 I know there’s a guy that does that sort of thing and I think he’s a forum member here, I think the name of his company is called “the little tractor co.”

 It’s a very nice looking tractor for sure! 

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I think it is a Gray Market tractor, not to be sold in the US.

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