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My neighbors just arrived home from fishing up north, seen their fish house pulled in behind a truck other than their own. I went over to see what's up.

Yesterday morning, they pulled the house up to head home. Weather conditions were pretty bad, low visibility off and on due to blowing snow.

Apparently they came upon a scene where someone had gone in the ditch, truck #2 was on the shoulder trying pull #1 out. A #3 truck stopped in southbound traffic lane to help. A #4 truck stopped in northbound lane to gawk, effectively blocking any place for traffic to pass.

Neighbor said he was going about 30 when he seen the lights in front of him but was unable to stop, ended up hitting truck #2 at 15-20 mph. Thankfully nobody got hurt, but neighbor's truck and fish house, plus truck #2 are all pretty messed up. 

Bright side, a local guy name Bill, whom they met at the bar next to the hotel they stayed at last night, offered to give them a ride and pull their fish house the 4 hours home.... and came through on the promise this morning.

If by chance anyone here knows Bill, who would take 8 hrs plus of his New Years Day to help out a complete stranger, shake his hand and buy him a beer. The world needs more people like him.

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33 minutes ago, mrfred54 said:

Last name obviously was not clinton!!!

True, had it been Clinton everyone who might of witnessed it would have died in the crash.



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I had a similar situation happen this past weekend. I was pulling our new to us 30' Great Plains Turbo Till home with our 4900 from about 125 miles away. First leg of the trip from Kentucky to the US 51 bridge in Cario IL was uneventful and was able to block off the bridge and get the tool across without any issue. Thought the worst part of the trip was over. Less than 2 miles later just as we are coming out of Cario I blow a tire on the passenger side of the main frame on the turbo till. Problem was that even though I had the windows down with no radio on, I didn't hear it. My dad was following me in the pickup and saw it but before he could even dial the phone the other tire on the passenger side of the turbo till blew also, less than 100' from the first one. At this point we are in the middle of the highway with two flats out of 4 on a 20,000 lb tool without a 8 bolt spare tire. So I swap one tire that was still alive to the other side in order to get it off the road. We get it into a parking lot and dad takes off to look for tires, a rim, and an air hose which was not looking too promising as it was 1pm on a Saturday. While I am sitting there this guy pulls up in a pickup asking if we had anyone coming with tires for us. At that point we didn't and were still 100 miles from home. Anyway this guy says that he works at a tire shop about 15 miles away and offers to take our one good rim and see if he can come up with another rim and 2 new tires. I never even caught his name or thought about getting his phone number but he takes off with our rim and about an hour and a half later shows back up with 2 tires on 2 8 bolt rims. Didn't even ask for any extra payment besides for the tires and one rim. Total stranger took 2 hours out of his Saturday in order to get us going again. As mentioned above, it is nice to know there are still many good people out there. 

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