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TD9 motor/injection pump swap

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Hey all, I have a TD9 sitting here with a bad head.     I’m looking at swapping out the motor out.    

My only hang up is the donor motor has the IH pump that “may” be weak.  

My question is could I swap the pump from the blown motor that has the boch A pump into the donor engine with the IH pump?? Thanks for the advice 

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as of last reports the bosch pump WAS much more serviceable than the NLA IH $1800 for a few parts

how ever

the IH pump may simply need a good clean and $10-2/300 in parts

heads can be repaired for less than replacement just have to hunt and do it right...what is the bad?

the bosch pump,gears, injs assm,lines and head are generally a set/group  <44<47  ,left over stock.

some have converted the various parts but easier to  keep the set together.

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Agreed that a head swap would be the simplest, however I have tried this and I can’t seem to find a decent head worth fixing in my part of the world.  So when this option of a complet motor came up I’m eager to give it a try.    

Thanks guys, my hope is to drop the motor in and tinker with the original pump and get er going.   Just want to know all my options before I dive in.


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On 12/29/2019 at 10:02 PM, oldscoutdiesel said:

As a last resort, could you swap pump, lines and if necessary, injectors?

can be done with enough pieces of the correct flavor KOO was going all one, last year may have a few left...?

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just change the head and if you do change out the pumps the injector lines might have different size nuts on them.  



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Well I went ahead and swaped the motor, and I’m not haveing much success with the injection pump.  

The motor runs real nice on gas, but I can’t get the injection pump to build pressure.   

I got the filters bled and fuel running out of them, the tank is 3/4 full.  

Ive checked/cleaned the needle in the top of the pump where fuel enters, I’ve cleaned the needle in the lift pump, and I’ve pulled the cone (not sure of the correct term) out of the pump and found a cup in there that looks to push up into a plunger at the bottom of this cone that is also free.     

I must be missing something cause I still don’t get fuel pressure.   

One thing I tried was cracking that big nut on top where the pressure gauge is, and I’m not geting a spray of fuel, not sure if I should or not? (While it’s running on gas) 

another question is under that nut is a needle and spring that is free, but that needle fits into a sleeve that is stuck. Is that Sleve suppose to slide up and down?    

I’m sure this is hard to understand reading, seeing how I’m not sure the technical terms for the parts, but hope it makes sense. 

Thanks for any advice  


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the rack is stuck in the pump. nothing unusual in these pumps when they sit. need to take top apart and lube it up while working it back and forth. with throttle lever disconnected from the pump... if moving the lever by hand and it don't move much , that is definitely the problem.i have encountered this a few times. this diesel fuel is a lot worst than the old fuel for sticking. run some 2 cycle oil in the diesel.

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