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1969 1456 & 1967 1256


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2019 was a year of unexpecteds as it relates to reducing the space I have left in my shed for more tractors.  In early January, I found a Craigslist ad for a 1456 up in Minnesota that hadn't run for years.  It was stuck, had brake issues, the water pump was out, oil cooler was shot, and a whole other list of unknowns.  I was in need of some parts for some other tractors, but didn't need much more than cosmetics.  I sent the link to a buddy who parts tractors and he ended up getting a deal put together on it.  After he towed it home, without a terrible amount of work, he had the engine running, albeit not all that well.  Time is money, and he decided he could make more by continuing the plan to part it out versus all of the shop time and additional investment it would take to make it a good runner again.  I was happy with that, since I needed parts from it.  Right before he was going to start tearing it down, he sent me a picture of the serial tag shown below, 15th one off the line.  Long story made short, I'm thankful for the good relationship we have.  He agreed to sell it to me so I could save it versus knocking it in the head as was the plan.  

I'm embarrassed to say these are the only pictures I have of the tractor.  It's an original long bar axle, fender delete from what I can tell.  The axles have been torched unfortunately.  The injection pump has been rebuilt, new water pump, new oil cooler, and brakes repaired.  The TA holds and it now runs through all gears.  I've been gather sheet metal for it, but still need to tear into the rear end to replace axles and check everything else out.  It was partially rewired at some point in time, so that's a plus.  It still has a long way to go, but I'm happy considering all I was originally trying to do was track down some parts.

Fast forward to July.  More Craigslist browsing leads to an ad for a 1256 in Texas that hasn't moved since the original owner passed away five or so years ago.  His estate is selling the land underneath the tractor, and it has 2 weeks to be moved out so the sale can close.  Sounds like a scam right?  I sure thought so, but had to look into it.  Call the guy and talk to him, and he ends up being a straight shooter.  Tells me the tractor was his father-in-laws pride and joy, but it doesn't currently run.  They want $2k for it.  Enter in the 1456 whisperer, Long Farms.  With his help, the deal is done and trucking is arranged.  Brian shows up and gets the tractor running and driving with hot batteries and some determination.  It turns out everything seems to function, the TA holds, and off we go.  It's keeping my 1456 gold demo company right now down there awaiting some TLC, but that's just fine.  Many thanks to Brian; I wouldn't have this without him.  

Photos courtesy of Long Farms.  1967 model 1256 sold new in Taylor, Texas.  52 years later, I am the second owner.  2019 was a great year!        














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I remember that 1456 for sale not far from where I live. I remember saying to the wife while making a pouty puppy dog face, pretty please can I buy another 1456 , she said no. Haha glad you go it though 

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1456 and 1256...yup that's a good year. Merry Christmas

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4 hours ago, Dmnstr8r said:

Had some luck on parts run for these two rigs too.  Will be fun to get everything out together!







Talk about Christmas in July!!! Or should I say all year long!!! Looking good Adam!!!!

I may have another 2/3 quick hitch coming my way as well?! 

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NOw that aint' mine, so my opinion does not matter, but if I had that 1256, I'd "repair" it.  Fix any problems, put it in good working condition, get a new umbrella, replace missing parts (like the 1256 tags) and maybe paint it.   I would not add a bunch of stuff that was not on the original (OK, I'd put front weights on it).    Fix it back to how the original owner had it.   That tractor is almost perfect example of the "standard" row crop tractor of the time.  The one they make the toys look like, ya know?  

But, its not mine.....so ya'all fix it up however you want it!   I can dream, you can fix, (mines cheaper....)

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Heavy duty aftermarket sway limiter. When new the rollers worked well. Old timers liked the set up. 6rw-8rw wide toolbar equipment and 3pt chisel plows destroyed the factory sway limiters. Hay guys have started buying them up and the IH HD cam style sway limiter set up. Pain to have on there and hook on CAT 2 equipment or smaller. 

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Got some more done this past week.  Rebuilt the wide front and replaced the front tires with Goodyears since Firestones can't be had.  Guess they match the rears that are new anyhow.  Replaced worn steering line and water pump.  Took off blown out hydraulic breakaways to be replaced   Rebuilt the shifting in it...finding a gear prior was near impossible.  Stripped all cobbled wiring to be replaced with new.  The radiator tested bad, so working on recoring or replacing it.  Completely serviced all oils and filters and replaced the hydraulic filter door with a two piece unit.  Going in next for a new head gasket, dampener pulley and seal, check out the injectors, and service the Roosa Master.  











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Been at it a bit more of late.  Had the injection pump redone, a new dampener pulley, and seal.  Had a recored radiator done up and all new hoses and different uncut fan shroud.  Rebuilt the steering bolster and added a rebuilt clutch assist.  Completely rewired, replaced the fuel, air filter, and oil pressure gauges, and added a factory horn.  New fuel float and tach drive cable  Freed up and replaced some broken three point linkages, cab style PTO lever, and added an HD drawbar.  The tilt steering is rebushed and tight again.  The hydraulic seat has been rebushed, resealed, and had a different accumulator put in.  New turbo rings and exhaust elbow done.  Brake seals and booster are rebuilt.  

After all that, we stabbed on some temporary sheet metal and a seat and took it to disk up some ground.  That went well and revealed a weak hitch pump, which we then replaced.  The rear main seal leaks, and will lead to a split for that and clutch work at the same time, although it seemed to be fine.  The TA held, turbo checked out, and everything else hung together.

One oddity relates to what appears to be oil leaking from the head gasket on the front left side of the engine above the oil cooler.  Have seen this happen with coolant, but never oil.  Unsure if the head needs to be retorqued, or come off for a deeper look and replacement.  Any thoughts from the experts?  



















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