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R190 Red Diamond 450 Questions


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Thanks all for welcoming me to the forum. I just bought a new-to-me R190 dump truck for a pretty good deal and I have a few questions.  It didn’t come with a title or plate on the driver’s door so I’m speculating is is from 1954.

1. The engine block has RD450 180755 stamped on it and cast with 215720-R2 on it.  I think the engine may be a more modern vintage any thoughts on the year? Any idea where another info plate may be located on the old beast?

2. The carburetor has part no. 997007 R92. I’ve also attached a picture of it. Is this a single barrel carburetor? I was under the impression the RD450s had at least double bbls.  

3. The starter is quite sluggish. The previous owner used a pry bar to help actuate it. The Delco Remy starter model number (113040?) isn’t coming up with google searches. Any thoughts on my model? Picture attached. My plan is to take it off and give it a good degreasing and see if that helps at all. 

thanks all in advance,

Colorado Chemist









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The truck's serial number should be stamped into the left front of the frame rail.  If this can be found, the lineset ticket MAY be available from the Wisconsin Historical Society or though Super Scout Specialists--I'm not sure when microfilming them was started.  If it is, it should have the original engine serial number written on it which would tell you if that is the original engine.

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Dad had a 54 R-205 semi tractor with a jd cornsheller mounted on it and it had the rd-450 engine, and also had 2-barrel carb. --- Not sure a 450 would run very well on a single!

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The ones before the mid 50's had lever type door handles, the later ones had the push button handles like the one in these pictures.   For the OP. there are adapters to be able to bolt a modern carb up. I have an R200 with the RD406 and it's running an Edelbrock 600 4 barrel. 

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