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On 12/15/2019 at 1:56 AM, captain_crunch said:

Sad to say but I could have bought one thru Director of Civilian Marksmanship for 1,000 dollars years ago 

You still can from time to time. I collect old military rifles and have an early war (4-5-42) serial # 757xxx all original Springfield M1. Your best deals to be found are at pawn shops and gun shows 

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Figured I would add a few pics of some of my IH goodies


This was my Dad's watch fob




And this visor mirror I scored at a yard sale ( It has a spot reserved in my 67 Travelall on Mama's side)




And this NOS 8 track has a small bit of under dash real estate reserved also





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woohoo a color key handle..!!  just think how much logistics /and fab it took to pull off

in 60 + appliances went to full color in various pastels

in 70s more wild colors,.. we had a dishwasher that packed with 14 color panels.

now every thing is the big 3  white  black SS. but soon they will be  like mood rings ...app of the day

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