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Hey guys. I don't spend much time on this page, mostly in the coffee shop and general IH, but figured this was the place to ask about this.

This is my 1974 1800 loadstar with the SV345. What do I have going on here???? That is either smoke or a vapor coming out.


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Put a new rubber cap on there. 
looks like some vapor coming out from a crack in old cap. Pretty normal to see a little fog in that port for a short while after shutting off the engine. That is just a vacuum port that your not using in your application. Could go to a brake booster or pvc valve if used on a different truck. 
just my 2 cents 

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That's a four barrel. IH v8's have  habit of popping in the carb when you shut them off, that's where the smoke comes from. It can burn the truck down, check under the hood before walking away after running it for a time. I find that a bit more advanced timing decreases the problem, as does an electronic ignition conversion and fresh plugs.

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