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It really doesn't matter what the plow model is. The series of the,plow bottom itself determine the points (plow share) that fit it. Such as PLOW CHIEF, SUPER CHIEF, etc. Your parts guy needs to look deeper. Likely it is a common plow share that fits many model numbers. 463238R2 comes to mind for an 18 inch bottom.

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saw an add for a little shop, BIG into all the old plow parts etc

IIRC it is in kentucky or GA they have web site/page....search plows shares.etc


then over the summer I was at a hole in the wall,backwater, 1/2 dirt floor dealer (actually big $$$ volume) close out,

same people , had got there first and took in excess of 100K lb of iron ,mostly earth tools

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14 hours ago, Rs3480 said:

New to me plow, wats best place to get points, are there different lengths, part numbers? Made a few rounds with the 2+2 worked great.


Like to see that one in action on the 2+2!!

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For IH plow bottoms parts look here     https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html?csid=e6722205555ed06c7c005c2936722814&sl=EN&currency=#epc::mr48921ag502107

 for shares, look here   https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html?csid=e6722205555ed06c7c005c2936722814&sl=EN&currency=#epc::mr48921ar1162084

and here    https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html?csid=e6722205555ed06c7c005c2936722814&sl=EN&currency=#epc::mr48921ar1162482

The last two links are pages of plow shares. Find the inch size of the style you want . Important to note that two way plows use both a  right and left share. Determine the parts number  you need.  Open a new tab in your browser. Enter that number in your web browser and click your arrow. It should bring up places that have those parts for sale if you want to order online from somewhere. Otherwise call you Case/IH dealer , give him numbers  to order.


Wiese Industries  makes  IH plow parts    http://www.wieseindustries.com/to-fit-ih-super-chief-plows_p_-1,79,227.cfm

Abilene Machine    https://www.abilenemachine.com/rock-share-amx57082

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