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there are OTHER brands?
only Ih approved I know of.

if I had a way to get it onto the shed shelves it would be here

When scrapper wakes up I know he will get $2K + out of any salvageable engine parts

stripped head $450

inj $150 ea

pump  $175-600 as parts

decent td 6/9 hood $200

rad $300

block crank rods etc etc 

pass the rest to HCEA or scrap $300

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6 hours ago, mmi said:

this grader ad was in my inbox

Thank God it is more than 100 miles away or I would be in my truck already

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Adams graders which became Wabco had IH engines as an option. I had a 1969 Galion 503A grader with a UD236 IH engine. It was a great grader. Used it for grading smaller usually narrow roads, had a 10' blade.


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Believe it looks like a 118 but hard to tell. I had 2 Galion's, great graders, first with hydraulics. Had a 118 and a T500A, most you could get with different engines, IH, Detroit, Cummins and I think Ford.  Lot better grader then the old arm busting Cat's.  

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I'd like to have that Galion tag on my wall.........

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