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Grain Cart and Drawbar requirements.

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58 minutes ago, Reichow7120 said:

That's the way it works here. When growing up we couldn't afford help anyway so i got put to work young. With my Dad and my Grandpa overseeing me you did it right or there was **** to pay. Especially Grandpa. You didn't mess with him until you knew what you were doing and had grown a set. He could be very ill tempered and me and him didn't have a good relationship to begin with, but damn it you knew what you were doing by the time he was done with you.

Like was stated above. Just because it has a pulse doesn't mean it's a equipment operator anymore than me gluing feathers to me and flapping my arms like a bird makes me a bird. You think about it, by the time you follow a dips--t hand around and either make sure he's doing the job or doing it correctly or you spend your time correcting all the stuff he did wrong and fix all the stuff that he broke while doing it, are you really any further ahead? I look at it is if that help is that bad it is better to take longer and do it with what you have or yourself than to deal with that. Life is too short to have to do everything twice. If the help is decent, that's a whole different story.

Back to the grain carts. If he has the tractor and cart jackknifed that hard he's going to be loading whatever it is very sloppy. Unless it is a small cart or something that is short he is either going to have to straighten it out or spill grain as he moves forward. Our trailer is 41 ft long and if we had a cart big enough to fill the truck in one fill (we don't have a cart that big) those big augers will spill a lot of grain fast if you are that inattentive.

The other thing is guys who are shortening PTO shafts are usually to cheap or to broke to afford help anyway. My experience is the BTO are the ones hiring the true dimwits and usually they are running new stuff so they aren't modifying stuff on it to begin with.


Sounds familar.............If me and my brother were found abusing equipment, we got beat as it was already expensive enough let alone fixing something that was broken in stupidity, and since the income came from town jobs to support the household, the need to get things done was not as great, so you got off and didn't get back on, it waited until someone else could do it.  Us boys loved running stuff so we were extra careful knowing those facts.  

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