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Few pictures from down under....

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....been full on  at the Rainbow and Raglan   Stations......Spring work......  The "part time job  for the old Bloke " ...has turned into  seven day week work at times...Whilst I am able to do this, I am very happy still being involved in the best  kind of job  I would want to do........working on the land in a , to me , beautiful environment.....There is about 10,000 acres between the two Stations.......thus for the D52 Komatsu/H210  Excavator   there is years of work.......possibly see me out !!!!!!!    Two weeks  ago, my status took a dramatic lift......and I was let loose on one of two JD6140M    tractors, using the old NZ made direct disc drill, running in rape seed for summer feed........Remember, this isn't Illinois  or Iowa...so the   "pucker factor " came into contention at times......

Also did a huge amount  of River  Rock work.....as the river is typical of  New Zealand's     South Island........coming  down those mountain valleys,  the river is "braided "..i.e. it just wanders anywhere in times of flooding.......with areas of  fenced land  heading off to the sea

..ist pic is  where river has taken acres of land away..

  Volvo dumpers on rock cartage..not keen on water above the hub levels !! Pic of looking up the valley....Farm manager and wife tailing lambs, with help from another "old bloke "Over 5000 to tail.....Eight Wheeler Freight liner  dropping off fertiliser..in the Stations Fert bin.....(plus his five axle trailer)..Heading off in the JD..."ford ok " I ask ...Yeah..no worries there Mike..sigh.....so the usual Aquatic river experience ....Note the red marker stone.    .well.!!...so I hung a right and headed upstream until a suitable place to get back to dry land on the east side was found !! Picture of the new NZ made drill..I had the old one!..they are tough machines...for the stoney country....f inally, another interesting  aquatic experience with the stuff coming into the cab of the 21 ton excavator, crossing east to west



















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wow, great scenery.  Thanks for sharing

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Mike, great pictures! I know from VERY limited experience about driving through running water. Don't Look Down! and Pray. is the rock being hauled for rip rap to try and keep the river from taking more land?

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Mike, do you even have any boats over there???😄 All I've ever seen you playing in the water in is wheeled vehicles😋😂

Nice pics, always enjoy seeing your beautiful country😀

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1 hour ago, ny bill o said:

Mike, great pictures! I know from VERY limited experience about driving through running water. Don't Look Down! and Pray. is the rock being hauled for rip rap to try and keep the river from taking more land?

Yeah, Thanks Bill.......as for driving through running water ......you swear you are heading down stream....particularly if the current is swift...as is the above pictured  Wairau River......It is a curious   illusion........and yes  that is correct re the rock.....After the Dumpers  "drop ' it    , I take the Hyundai excavator and place the rock......and make "groynes"  about every  60 odd feet apart, to (try ) deflect the river   current away from the  vulnerable  banks........The cost of those dumpers plus  that firms  Volvo excavator  is horrendous, on an hourly basis ( $550.00 NZ).....and the rock is not the most suitable for River/Land Protection.........But to cart quarried   hard rock in is just prohibitive....The rock is the stuff I windrow off the paddocks with the H210  Hyundai and D53 Komatsu...(pictured )



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1 hour ago, MarkG said:

Beautiful land. I know nothing about lambs. What does it mean to tail them? Looks like some kind of slide they have them on.

well, Mark......all the lambs are "tailed '..I,e, their tails are removed.......smaller farmers  use rubber rings....which  after a few weeks the tail falls off......in that picture  , they have a lot of lambs to attend to.......they do about 800 per day,  they have to be mustered in from various paddocks first......

The "slide "   you mentioned......the old bloke catches the lamb (s) in  the pen, after the ewe's   are drafted out.....He puts that lamb upside down..on its back, on that "slide "....The lady vaccinates the lamb against   "pulpy kidney "......if the lamb is unfortunate enough to have a pair of balls...a rubber ring goes around them.....(check out the steer thread !!)..then the bloke at the bottom end of the slide, he takes the animals tail off with a super hot knife arrangement......you can see the LPG bottle in the pic.....then he squirts disinfectant  on the "cut"...that's it...

It is because of the flies of various sorts that the tails are removed...Constant problem   through summer.....fly blown sheep.......


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