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Harvest Progress

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Things are starting grind to a halt around here in last few days.  Guys are running out of wet corn space it seems.  Heard too thar guys drying with propane are having trouble getting it due to CP Rail on strike, a lot PO farmers!

Still a lot of beans out in fields with 5-6" of snow covering them.  Thankfully we finished beans back in October before crappy weather showed its ugly face.

Down to about 35 acres of corn, had to stop Monday because of moisture level in these two fields being too high at 30%.  So close to being done, damn!

Moisture and test weights all over the place here for guys.  Elevators say there is lots of guys with grade 3 corn.  Thankfully we were both able to pull off all grade 2.  Best test weight I could get this year was 69.5.  Normally I'm hitting anywhere between 72-76 on my test weights, so that is frustrating for me.

Hopefully everyone gets crops off sooner than later, sure as heck wouldn't want to be chasing Santa around fields trying to finish combining.

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Finished Sunday morning around 6. Doing this now. Lol, well there's no picture, but there's a 7 shank 875 behind the 340. I'd make a poor photographer







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Finished shelling out of the field Sunday afternoon. And finished drying our corn Tuesday morning. Would have finished Monday but had a problem with the 61 ft auger going up into the wet tank that delayed me getting the last of it up and drying. We were running tight on space so instead of messing with it Monday night i waited til Tuesday morning so i had someone on top of the bin watching. 

We were a departure from the norm this year. The wettest corn we ever shelled was 21.7 moisture. We had one chunk run 15 right out of the field. Most was in the 17 to 19 range. Not complaining this year 



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