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I decided to post some pictures i have taken of our fall field work so far. Started beans on the 6th and as i write this we a a bit over half done with soybeans. We also got our token 44 acres of wheat planted in this time frame. Hope you enjoy the pictures 

Feel free to add your pictures to the response.














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A few pictures from this fall.

We are underway!

I decided to post some pictures i have taken of our fall field work so far. Started beans on the 6th and as i write this we a a bit over half done with soybeans. We also got our token 44 acres of whea

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We're damp but not excessively so. Go farther North than us it gets wetter. We had a inch last Friday and 2 the week before. We've had enough dry days in between to get stuck done. Everyone is running beans right now. In fact when I drilled wheat the soil conditions were just about ideal after discing it and letting it air for a couple hours. I drilled into wetter ground last year.

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1 hour ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

Lots of crop coming out in central Iowa.  I know I shared this on another thread, but here is our operation. 


Nice pic.

What year is the GMC and is it a gasser or a diesel?

A month ago we looked at a neighbor's 1986 GMC like yours with the 8.2 liter Detroit V-8 fuel sipper. Box like yours except it was a steel box. When im hauling to town out of the bins during the fall because we don't have enough on farm storage, the semi is tied up and Dad and my brother have to resort to the Brent 544 pulled by my 7120 and 2 Killbros 350 gravity wagons along with the grain cart to go from the fields to the bins. As we have grown we are now spread out and thought this truck might be a solution to speed things up.

We didn't buy it. Found out it was a truck rebuilt into a tandem by splicing the front half of one with the rear half of a much older truck. It's a 5 speed Transmission with what should have been a 2 speed axle on it. The front half was a electric setup for shifting the 2 speed axle, the tandems were either vaccum or oil shifted? They didn't have the other half whoever built it to make a usable 2 speed axle on it. So rather than spend the money on the stuff to make the 2 speed axle usable, they pulled the stuff to shift it and put it in the low side to use it. The results are a truck when empty, gas pedal firewalled gets you to about 50 mph, probably less when loaded. The neighbor didn't realize this when he bought it at a auction. I didn't want a truck that i couldn't get up to speed if i used it for a longer run like if i didn't have enough to warrant the semi so we passed on it.

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Here are a couple photos of me in the cart tractor this afternoon reloading the semi. Brother normally runs it but this time of year he coaches High school JV Football so he leaves for a few hours to run practice 



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3 minutes ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

Reichow, the GMC is a 1974.  427 engine. 5&4 transmission.  Wilson aluminium box with 3 stage hoist.

Thanks for the info 

We had at one time a 75 Chevy C-65 single axle, 5 speed with the 2 speed axle. 18 ft Omaha Standard box with the flip up stock racks. 366 gasser. Got rid of it when the engine ate the camshaft and the body was getting pretty rusty so we deemed it would cost more than we wanted to put into it.

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We finished soybeans Saturday evening and got everything switched to corn Sunday. Took some pictures of us in action with more to come as corn harvest progresses 









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Dang back at home corn is being harvested around our house, they use a 1460 red top. I’d get pic of it but I’m here in Kansas City for the National Livestock Judging Contest. I’ve taken pics of farm country on the way up quite a bit of corn and beans to be harvested yet up this way it seems. 

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Apparently you still haven't gotten the rain we've been having north of you yet? In the last 3 weeks we have had about 9 inches of rain. The wind had been blowing though,  so it's been drying out the beans, and guys are mudding them out. A little corn being combined, but not much yet. Our beans are very poor due to the very late wet spring, planting in July, and then the immediate drought for 2 months after that before going back into flood mode again. Between that mess, the deer are like rats up here, seems like there's 20-30 in every field. The mega dairies are out wrecking all of the taxpayers' roads chopping corn, they aren't worried about anything but chopping corn, heck with public safety. The picture of the ruined road was completely regraveled a month ago, now it's trash, the township taxpayers just threw away 12,000 bucks on that one mile alone so the mega dairies could chop in the rain, and that is by far not the only one. Oh well, I'm sure the fuel taxes they pay will cover it... Wrong, they pretty much can't be held liable for anything as long as they're farming. Michigan's right to farm act needs to be revamped, I'm tired of paying for these idiots. Flame me up for it boys, but unless you have to deal with these types everyday like I do, I'll agree to disagree.




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9 hours ago, RBootsMI said:

Apparently you still haven't gotten the rain we've been having north of you yet? I

No, we haven't had the amount of rain you guys in the North have had. We started beans on the 6th and in that time frame we had a inch on the 11th. 2/10ths on the 16th and 4/10ths this past Monday. Let's put it this way. At the moment you can get trucks out in the field without getting stuck. We'll see if that changes this weekend and next week with what they are showing in the forecast.

Our beans varied North to South. Farther South you went on places we work the better it got. Beans to the South were in the high 40s to low 50s. Beans in the North were in the high 30s. There were some rains to the South that we didn't get in the North. Like your beans, ours were planted late. Finished planting beans on the 4th of June. 

Deer are bad around here too. The road my parents live on have had 3 deer hit in a mile stretch in a month. I went to town last night before dark and in this one hayfield that Albion College owns on their horse farm (about 17 acres roughly) there had to be 30 deer on it right on the outskirts of town. It looked like a herd of cattle grazing. 

We only have one large dairy west of us in Eckford Township so we really don't deal with them much. Other than that there isn't a lot of livestock left around here. We're are getting to be the last of the Mohicans when it comes to cattle. Last one still feeding cattle. One of 2 with beef cows. 2 guys feeding dairy heifers is all that's left. Heck the big pig outfit South of us has rumors swirling around it that they're getting out of hogs. Their sow herd got PURRS in them and they've had really bad piglet loses. They haven't gotten it cleaned up yet and to get some of their loafing yards cleaned up will take a bit work and idle time to get it cleaned up and they're wondering if it's worth it.

Ill give your road department this. At least you guys try to do something with the roads. Down here in Calhoun County they don't even try. We seriously have the worst road department in the state. I need to go on a ride when i get some time and take pictures of some of these roads. Its ridiculous. It's better around Battle Creek but the rest of the county gets the shaft. Of course our illustrious governor is trying to fix all that.🙄

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Ok.Running some corn that's on shares today so it has to be hauled to town instead of running through our dryers. Elevator/ethanol plant we haul to is down to one pit for wet corn so its a slow process. We're pulling corn out of the field at 18% moisture at the moment which is great considering the year. Talked to the operations manager yesterday when dumping a load since we grew up around the corner from each other. Asked him how wet the corn is coming in at. Said the average is 26% moisture😳😲. So they're up against the dryers by mid afternoon. This is going to be a long harvest 





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5 minutes ago, acem said:

I  have  an ih 9370 that looks the same over the hood.

Here are some pics of my rice harvest.




That's what the semi is. 1988 9370 with a Cummins Big Cam. Ours is a Eagle.

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More rice harvest pics please,  I saw them in the bootheel of mo once and everything was muddy.  Wanted to stop and watch but was heading to an MX race in Poplar Bluff.

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Wasn't sure where to post this. This is probably as good as anywhere.

When I got the new to me 1460, I anticipated repairs would be needed. This one is a little outside of what I was thinking. Harmonic balancer decided it wanted to be two pieces. My uncle that helps me with corn is all worked up about the one on his 1466 going bad now. Told him to relax, while I have read about them going bad it's not that common. I was tickled the local dealer had one on the shelf and all we had to do was go get it! Not the easiest thing in the world to change, the front seal was a bugger! Anyway, back up and running. 


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