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Thanks for the 1020 header tips


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A while back we were discussing IH and JD heads on here and the topic of how to measure the head angle was discussed.

The neighbor has a 1020 with the SCH cutter bar on it, he always hated the way it cut beans leaving them too long and knocking them over.

We checked it today, was just at 10 degrees, tipped it ahead just a hair over 11 degrees and it cuts like a new head!

Running in pretty decent beans over 4mph and it's doing an incredible job.

Thanks to you guys that shared that info!

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I had that with my 973 New Holland on my TR86. I had a new SCH setup on it and wasn't really happy with it's  cutting  either. Especially when combining a neighbor's beans that had been cultivated. The tires of the combine riding between the rows is enough to tilt the cutterbar backwards enough that it looked bad. I had better luck going across the rows diagonally. The feeder house was adjusted to the settings the book said it should have. Last year I tilted it forward one hole and the difference was amazing. Difference in tire brand and size is enough to make it not work correctly. 

Last year after soybeans I had a mud hog axle put on the combine and the rear tires are a different size, hopefully I'm not starting from scratch again! ?

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