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IH 1456 Gold Demo S/N 12815

Long Farms

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17 hours ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

The tractor looks fabulous,  guys!  You always seem to have a marathon session about March 15th (my birthday)!  When does it travel back to Iowa so I can visit?

March is a nice month to turn wrenches and some dirt down there.  Sadly, we ran out of time to get any fieldwork in this last visit.  The tractor is more or less done outside of a cab kit, windshield wiper and motor, fan, and a few knickknacks.  I need to decide whether or not to bring it back this spring, or wait and share a truck ride when the 1256 is done.  


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After three years, the day I've been waiting for came.  We finished up swapping to the third cab in that period, after I found a cleaner all around unit.  Everything works...heater, fan, wiper, and lights.  After buttoning everything up, we stabbed some of Brian's extra duals on, and to the field we go!  My fingers were crossed, but everything functioned as it should have, and the tractor ran strong.  We disked for several hours until being chased home by rain.  Today was a good day.










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18 minutes ago, Farmall1066 said:

That 1456 sure turned out nice!! Looks great guys!!! 
@Dmnstr8r What is up with the tach? I’ve never seen one like that?? 

Just a guess but 656-686 tach? It would have to be one without TA also. 

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