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1981 IH S1724 starting problem HELP!

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Hello, I just made an account here today but I’ve come here in the past to find articles, comments & info from everyone here have helped me in the past. Maybe you could come to my rescue again.

So thanks you everyone for your collective knowledge and help so far but I’ve got a new problem. I’m in a real pinch and NEED this truck functional ASAP... I made commitments to clients to do junk haul offs and I would hate to cancel on these people AGAIN (last week was a carburetor problem)

I have an 81’ IH S1724 - I purchased it for dirt cheap and started a junk hauling co and I’ve been running it really hard - sometimes with 3.5-4 ton payloads . I have a 16ft long modified crysteel stake style dump bed with a PTO hydraulic lift 


anyways a couple months ago the motor blew (excessive blow by then had pretty much every internal piece changed out) - I limped it along to my friends mechanic shop and had the motor rebuilt...

anyways over the past week I noticed what seemed to be backfire so I’m assuming the carb is going bad... had it towed back home.. it started the next day no problem...

went on vacation and when I came back and tried to fire it up it was really sluggish and almost grinding to start ... once it started running it sounded just fine as if the oil needed to circulate...

anyways some BS came up and I never drove it to the landfill like I should have but now it’s not even cranking anymore...

Attached jumper cables.. to see if it was battery ... still wouldn’t crank

anyways can someone help point me in the right direction on what the heck I need to do to get this thing running again? I have jobs lined up and rent due and all sorts of bills to pay... I am freaking out here because I’m sitting dead in the water here without my truck functioning.


heres a link to the video of what’s going on...

**ignore the engine running in the background that’s just my Chevy running with the battery jumpers attached...



Side note I am in CA and can’t get a diesel older than 2012 if it isn’t CARB approved... which I just can’t afford ... those trucks outside of CARB regs are a dime a dozen though...

if anyone has some sort of Manual or magic tricks up their sleeve please share with me

Percussive maintenances and profanity have  already been applied to no avail.


Thank you

-Bradley R

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Could be any number of things------bad starter, dirty cables, bad wiring, out of time, etc.....

Didn't quite understand------was engine turning freely; or starter "grinding" when problems first showed up?

First thing------make sure you can turn engine by hand.  If engine is free------you most likely have starter or electrical problems.

Maybe try pulling it------would satisfy the question if it will run?


Hang on----Some of the experts will give you some help.



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Hey Delta , thanks for you input - I will check these options out and report back.

the grinding is new ... starter not cranking is new... it’s had problems in the past needing some starting fluid here and there but has ran (or started only technically) as recently as a couple days ago... I just didn’t drive it anywhere...

anyways I’ll get back to you guys after I look at it in the AM hopefully with some solid info!

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