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3788 exhaust

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I had a couple that did that once, I think you can still get the metal ring gaskets for either end of the cross pipe. Another fix I did was to either add to the cross pipe or the muffler,or eliminator, to push the cross pipe tight to the turbo. That one was so loose it would actually fall out of the turbo.

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I had that happen last year on a tractor, even with a new seal.  I ended up using Permatex muffler repair sealant on the seal.  It worked perfectly, the stuff seems to expand and fill the voids when it gets hot the first time.

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3 hours ago, Rs3480 said:

Seal where exhaust enters turbo leaks and is new. Is there anything to fix it other than welding it shut?

Enters?  Or exits?  It enters from the manifold, and exits at the pipe.  

Don't weld it shut.  That would be a huge mistake.  Besides, old brittle cast iron is hard to weld. 

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