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Long throat conversion for the 1460

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For the past few months I have been working on switching feederhouses on our 1460. The combine originally came with 28x26's so that meant that it had the little stubby 47" feederhouse. Well after we put 30.5 rice and canes on it several years ago, it made the short throat a pain to use as it is so short that you can't get a grain platform to lay flat on the ground and the sickle constantly wants to eat dirt. So last fall we were getting ready to part out a rusted out old 715 when I got to looking at it and noticed that the throat looked awfully similar to the one on the 1460. I get the measuring tape out and sure enough it is the same width and height as the 1460's throat just only a lot longer. So over the past few months I have been slowly working on swapping everything over from the short throat to this long one. Some differences are that the 715 drives the feederhouse off the left side of the combine where the 1460 drives it off the right side so I had to swap the back hex shaft from the short throat to the long one. Then you have to change the front plate since the 715 just has a little stub shaft at the front that drives the head whereas the 1460 has the jackshaft the runs the whole width of the throat to drive both sides. Along with that I still have to drill some new holes to mount the idler pulleys for the belt and come up with a second feeder chain to segment together with the short one out of the 1460. 

Poor picture of the short throat of off the 1460


First mockup of the long throat 


Finally put the head on it last night to see how it works



Lays a lot better than before!


Such a different feel than with the short throat, seemed like before you look down and you cold see the back side of the auger in the head and now I can see the ground behind the head!


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Better get some weights for the back of the combine.....

So, it still looks like the cylinders are pretty far out with the head on the ground.  How high does it lift?  Do you think it will lift the head once they are mounted where they need to be? 

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