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Ken Ryan

windrow wheat

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10 hours ago, db1486 said:

We've had crop standing and early snow with no problems. We've combined flax with snow on the ground before and will likely do it again. 2016 we straight cut the wheat in November with snow in the ground. That was no problem, but the mud and ice was lol. Last year though was completely different that September 22nd snow flattened everything. Swaths wouldve been better than standing. But oh well. We got er done in spring lol. Nobody plans on getting shut down the first week of September and not being able to roll for 7 weeks

Yes, I think last fall's early snow really put the wheat down. Lucky I only had a few hours worth not cut because I had to really get the header down on the ground to get the wheat. And Brandon is a short and strong strawed variety. Would have been worse with the older varietes like my dad had in 1965 or 66. A wet September snow really flattened any standing crop. People that never owned lifter guards for their cutter bars were buying them anywhere they could. Hardly anybody had a pickup reel on their combines. Some talked of having to cut the wheat in only one direction, literally against the grain as  the headers would just ride over it the other way. That harvest likely helped sell a lot of swathers to guys who had never owned one. The swaths will get wet from the melting snow but will eventually dry out and pick up ok. Dad even had some swaths left out all winter of 1951-52 and they were able to pick them up in April of the next spring. Dry as could be but weathered some. 

Harvest April 52.jpg

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