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270a International Harvester Backhoe 1980

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Ok so i started a thread with more background info, and the research i did on the harmonic damper, and you can find that here. 



But as i continue on the tractor ill share it here..

this is what it looked like when i started using it. And it was sitting for about 2years. 





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The chains dragged on inside of fender sooo bad it drove me 🤯. So those came off quick. But im gonna need them come snow. I looked at the wheel wells, and though there is some bent areas in there im thinking primarily these tires are wider than necessary? And ideas? The chains rubbed so much they wore through some links completely.


i just did an oil change and saw the main frame supports that run along from the transmission mounts to the backhoe mount, the bolts were barely on! Tightened those up RIGHT AWAY! 

So things i have done in the month or so i have had it.

new water pump (old leaked)

radiator flush

radiator core and fin cleaning (was CAKED)

pressure washing & degreasing

tightened bolts all over

replaced wobble damper

new engine oil and filter

windshield wiper(had a few working rain days)

minor adjustments


Most importantly ---a cup holder!!



what im gonna do next :

finish paint

weld crack on front loader arm

weld hard face on bottom of buckets

eventual tires

linkage adjustments

front right knuckle

all tie rod ends(practically falling off)


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Thumb getting attached and also lots of other welding around the machine. Took the batteries out of the box on side and kinda surprised they havent fallen through yet its nearly rusted through everything. Gonna have to make a new box i think.




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Ok i need help identifying a few things:

1:Switch under steering wheel is toggle in any 360deg direction?? What is it

2: wire was connected to silver round sensor thingy. When i put in oil filter the wire disconnected(broke). Location: on engine block below oil filter right in front of tranny case. That bolt on the left or just below the wite is the transfer/tranny case attached to the block.

3:back in  the cab, right next to the parking break, but under the right side dash-under the spot for oil level indicator is this clear tube cap thingy.... was so caked i didnt even know it was a something... figured it was a nothing?





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Switch behind the steering wheel looks like an add on switch for a back up alarm. It would have been "bumped" by the forward reverse lever. Just a guess but I have seen switches like that before. Toggle you have your finger on was a lot longer so may be broken off. Clear plastic tube thing may be an air filter restriction gauge. Would have a tube running from the gauge to the air filter housing.


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Hi, I know this is old, but just found your site.  The plastic dome thing is indeed a filter indicator, whether is is for oil or air I don't know. I pretty much ignore it on mine.  The other sensor looks like a temperature sensor, mine is in a different location, believe it is water, mine no longer works, although I have replaced it once.  A lot of the electrical is from Lucas Electric of Great Britain, even the Brits nick name it Lucas the prince of darkness (I once pulled on the work lights and had the switch literally disintegrate into many pieces in my hand, replaced with a cheap toggle switch and it worked just fine. I have had mine since the late 80's (it's a 1982 model) used it lots, but it has always leaked engine and Hydraulic oil, keeps the dust down I guess.  Motor runs fine, doesn't burn blue, must have many thousands of hours on it, hour meter was broken when I got it, I would estimate over 6000 hours.  The fenders are nasty to run chains, but necessary with a 2wd, seem to hold on even with warn supports.  If you find a good place to get parts pls. post, as I have had issues with availability and cost.  Ian, Revelstoke, BC Canada

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