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806 361 engine

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I have a 806 in my shop with the 361 engine. It came in with water in the crankcase. I found #5 cylinder line with a hole through it and the block. going to have to spend quite a bit of money on this engine for rebuild. Just wondering if it was possible to put a d407 or dt407 in place of the 361. I found a used running engine out of a 1456 for 4500$. Didn't know if anyone has done a swap like this before. Thank you!

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It'll practically bolt right in.  Biggest challenge you'll have is the 806 fuel tank is not notched to clear the DT407 exhaust elbow off the turbo.  Exhaust hole won't line up with the 806 hood anymore, and you'll likely want the air cleaner assembly from the 1456 as well.

361 & 407 are the same style engine, so it's as easy of a bolt-in engine swap that you'll find.

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