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Once a High Crop ?

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I was thinking cotton picker tractor also; bolt on the drop hub for CP and take it off for row crop farming

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yes that's a cotton picker hi clear attachment for a hi drum picker it uses 2 spur gears, which causes the bottom axle to go backwards, as needed on a picker, (didn't have to swap sides with the ring gear). i'm thinking same 12" lift as regular HI clear, which are chain driven, which keeps the same forward direction. the hi drum picker units were only available on the M- 560 size. the hi drum is 20 spindles high, lo drum is 14 spindles high. as already mentioned, gear unit could be removed, and used as regular tractor.

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on many cotton farms it was an annual event to drop pickers after harvest;  do the tillage work and then mount pickers back up for fall harvest. A few big farms in CA and AZ sometimes as many as 100 tractors on a farm get that treatment.  Heard some of the old timers in central valley area of CA talk about picking cotton in Feb and have the tractors in the plows and planters a week later.


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