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Think that’s about as good as it’s gonna get. 

Just a little tree clearing with some fresh hydraulic hoses. Adding tilt soon. Harvest is here.

Here is another pic of when the dozer was first dropped off in pieces from Hank in Indiana. It didn’t run and was practically seized up with a bad ring gear. Neighbors were probably very confused.

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On 8/12/2019 at 4:47 PM, Pbach said:

Good news: I was finally able to crank over the engine the other day with the new ring gear installed.

Bad news: when checking compression in each cylinder I found the following-

cylinder 1(rad) 35psi

cylinder 2: 45psi

cylinder 3 :65psi

cylinder 4(firewall) 100+psi

After doing a little research it would seem I have cylinder wear, valves not sealing, or a bad head gasket. Does this seem like a bad head gasket scenario since cylinder 4 has great compression? Anyone have any advice on what to do next?




My 53 TD6 was 30 psi across all four holes. Removed head, water damage in 1 and 4, water jacket on head gasket blown 3 of 4 holes. Heavy taper in all 4 holes. Needs real help.  Oiled drained pan is loose but must lift carriage to remove cross spring and get to pan and rod bolts. Long Long Long way to go......cyliders, pistons rings bearings , rods and mains, and still do not know about the running gear. This could be a MONEY PIT. But i am 71 and have SS to fix it with. LOL


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