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Oh boy.....I'm back with another project

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yes, that is one

I started on track/idler/idler restore

got a bit lost, rebuilt a lot, now have a bunch of uc stuff etc and even a pto to go with it.

I just have to many other projects, I have to    move on. Love the new loader project

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On 7/9/2019 at 1:09 AM, Binderdan said:

Glad to see another Hough HF owner on here!

The rear drive, front steer concept seems backwards but Hough also made a front drive, rear steer in the same era. Mine has been quite handy to have around. I have lifted Scout bodys on and off chassis with it and moved dirt. Although I recently bought an IH 510 Payloader and the ol Hough hasn't seen much use. Getting in and out of it is a pain but you get your exercise for the day.  Great find! 



Hi Binderdan, If you want to get rid of that currently unused beauty let me know. I am over in NW AZ. Cheers, Rhino


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Hi, I had the Hough starter rebuilt cheaply and quickly by an outfit in Corpus Christi Texas

CC Battery Co.

Toll-Free (800) 531-1038

Office: (361) 882-5561

3513 Agnes St. Corpus Christi, TX 78405

C.C. Battery carries generator armatures, starter armatures specialty armatures and we even rewind them in-house.

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The Hough has me doing back flips these days. After I got my starter repaired and reinstalled the bucket cylinder Carrier broke on one side(previously welded by owner=bad weld) and the bucket cylinder caught on the top bucket edge as I was lifting a load of sand. POOOOF! Blew the cylinder packing nut completely off the cylinder and now I am headed for Vegas (Hydra Gear)to get it repaired. Decided to spring for new brakes while it is down as these were repaired using repair kits that were new old stock and they failed. Still love Ms Hough as she is loyal, faithful and every mans dream(Sigh...) 🙂

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