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International S1754 DT360 Fuel Problems

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Hello All, not only am I new here, but I am also new to diesel trucks in general. I have a new to me 1987 S1754 Dump truck with the DT360 & 5 spd that has been sitting for a year. The engine turns over, but will not start. Lets start with the basics, there is 1/2 tank of fuel, and the "T" handle for the manual fuel shutoff in the cab is pushed forward, says its a Bosch Pump. I pump the primer handle & I can see the rubber hose to the left of it that goes to the pump moving/pulsing as I prime, but after 10 or so pumps its is hard to push but if left alone for 5 seconds, its easy to move again. I took off the replacement rubber hose that goes to the banjo style bolt on the top front of the pump & see fuel there, but after pumping it 30-35 times, & I remove the two small horizontal side bolts on the side of the pump, they are dry. I also opened this larger bolt at the bottom of the pump & no fluid there either. My next step will be to change the fuel filter as the PO said it hasn't been changed in a long time. Yes I will fill it before install. The PO thought maybe the "T" handle cable on the engine side may be gummed up, but I have searched everywhere & can not find a single reference to where it goes. Since I am alone working on this, I can't move it in the cab & at the same time, see what it moves on the engine to trace it. I also heard I can pressurize the tank a little & check for leaks, but since the hand pump does build pressure I was thinking that's maybe not my issue. So as of now I am stuck unless this fuel filter does the trick but that doesn't explain why the bolts on the side are dry after pumping the primer.

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