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Bean Cutter 806 getting little tlc

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On 8/31/2019 at 8:55 AM, Tonyinca said:

   Jerry & Nate ,

       I believe you guys are right . 

           Those 75lbs'ers are hard to find and they looked pretty bad , so, I decided to have weights  done like my others ,   BUUUT , I can see that I may not be able to pull that off here.

       May be, I pull them off and put them on a stand outside and get some aging and fade on them .lol.

              I'll play with it and see what I can do to get a better blend.

            If I had any talent ,I would paint them with a patina look , However , I doubt David and I could accomplish it.


Yeah i domt wanna judge here but go to Kern and get a few old wts and bracket.  Just too fancy for the coveralls.  She deserves her age spots,  grey hair and wrinkles.  The story is in the original look.  If she was all repainted and perfect the stories of work and reliable service sorta get lost.  Your painter (or Rob) could easy airbrush a set to look old with your logo on em.  


Fwiw... former IH salesman has a big collection.  From Cubs to perfect Oem 1468 survivor.  But the fav of mine.?  Local 80++ yo spud farmer gave him his 1st tractor.  WFE H 100% original...cultivators still hanging on it with dirt in the corners.  He told my buddy he had no idea how many 10000s of hrs he sat in that old pan seat.  There are olllld potato sacks folded on the seat iirc.  Just so cool sitting there.  Like a book of metal.

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Basically done ! 

Purrs like a kitten , drives very nice .

will hang two sets of IH split rear weights and needs the four large knives attached horizontal at bottom and she is ready to cut some black eye beans this fall or show off in couple of parades .

last four pic’s are the day I picked her up and brought her to her new home. 

Man next to trailer is Allen Coysins from Madera , Ca. her former owner and operator.










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Very classy Tony. I’m glad she seems all lined out. If you happened across a weight bracket and some weights with a little fade to them it might be worth a look but there is nothing wrong with the way it sits either. The taller Firestone’s set it off also as I sit and compare pictures. Good work as usual!

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  • 2 months later...

The bean cutter is living these days in shop next to my baler project . 
needless to say I keep looking at her and seeing something else to spruce up .

Decided to give her a rubbing compound than a heavy wax job . I really liked how it turned out . 
then I decided the throttle had to much play in it so I replaced the upper throttle rod and put new throttle Handle.
next the mixed match IH couplers looked awful so replace them with matching chrome ones . In doing that I had to remove batteries and did not like cables so decided to install a master switch and all new battery cables and boot covers. 
trays looked little bad so replacing them with new along with new battery lids , I am going to chrome them and Add new batteries . 
waiting on David to get rear weights painted along with radiator cap and fuel cap. 
then she should be done . Lol 

First four pic is after much elbow grease , cutting and waxing . The next are after wax when I could not leave well enough alone .










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The 806 bean cutter looks great! You did a nice job putting all that work into getting it fully functional! The little touches and fixing things sounds like what you do! I like it! Thanks for all the great pictures!



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         806 bean cutter is about ready for show circuit.

            It will be on display at the World Ag Expo Feb 11-12-13/20 at our California Antique Farm Equipment show Display Shed , Near the East Gate ,for anyone planning to attend please come visit , as I will be working booth all three days.

          CAEES show will be April 17-18-19/20 I will be this Years Chairman.

    I said circuit because God willing and creek don't rise , it will be at AG Expo in Feb. then  Cafes in April and Howard Raymond ask me to bring something unique to Cali . for Red Power in Huron.  So, if all goes well my B.I.L. will haul 806 with B/C and depending on room perhaps another tractor and keeping my fingers crossed my Red Binder pickup.  THE STARS ARE GOING TO HAVE TO ALL LINE PERFECTLY TO PULL THIS OFF.

   Few pic of 806 BC  , New batteries and trays ,others were badly corroded, New cables and master switch, Re bushed and shimmed Gear shifters, new linkage , repainted #'s on shifter housing , New throttle,  bought a set of I.H. weights and painted them installed today, Painted black fuel cap and radiator cap red.

     Still have few more odds and ends, update few bolts, and decals to do, but essentially its ready .

     Few pics 







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1 hour ago, SMOKER 1 said:

Looking good Tony.  One thing - The left hand grab handle is on upside down.


       We will correct that immediately !   Always good to have the expertise and experience  of one of my mentors !

        I vaguely remember a discussion some time back as to the correct way and don't recall the correct way. 

       Thanks ,Tony

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