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1086 Rear Axle spacing

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Been spraying with my 1086 set up on straddling two 30” rows. Several of my fields are in pretty steep terraces that when combined with a 300 gallon 3 point sprayer  gives a whole new meaning to pucker factor when on a hillside with it set this narrow. I am thinking of spreading it out to straddle three 30” rows to give more stability. I’ve measured the front and it will get out there enough..... and the back surely will with singles. Anybody ever done this??

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If I remember correctly, my 1486 was set up to straddle the 3 30" rows... ole girl is WIDE. lol. Rears hang over the rub rails on my trailer by couple inches per side. 20.8s btw. She's retired from row crop work, but it sure is stable for my use.

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