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What quality engine kits would you guys need ?

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I am talking with Maxi Force Engine Diesel Engine Parts company and  I would like to get some ideas of what engine overhaul kits you would want to see built for your overhauls your doing ? I'm thinking 361/407 top two on my list , and here is the deal , all of you that are Hy Capacity Dealer please tell your rep what kits your thinking and could sell so they can go back to headquarters and share this information . 

Hy Cap is the MaxiForce dealer and if we can show them some numbers on what all of us can sell there is a way better chance of them building the kits .Keep this in mind , they have to have a run of 500 Pistons at a time so it's not a build every kit for every engine model kind of deal .

All of this information will be forwarded on to my contact at MaxiForce 

Thanks for your imput , Danny 

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817 engine kits are no longer available. The numbers would be low, but they would sell.

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9 hours ago, iowaboy1965 said:

Need to do or have a 358 done at some point myself


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Ill throw in the smaller German engines as well. The 4 cylinder ones found in the utility tractors from the 70s on up to the late 90s. Most of these tractors were used hard and there is a call for them.

Also the engines found in the 60 series tractors. 460, 560 etc. Gas as well as Diesel.

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I lost a sale one time, on a Super MTA engine kit from Reliance. Said they didn't have all the pieces to get a kit together. My customer ended up going through Steiner, and they sent him a Reliance kit. Really soured me on using them again. 

We did use a Reliance kit from Hy-Capacity a while back for our 7150 and it worked ok. 

I'm all for using MaxxForce through Hy-Capacity or any other jobber, if the quality is good. 

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I was going to say any of the popular ones "55-'75  in a quality kit. as most of what remains is inferior 

I worked on an engine last month,needed valve seals  ,called the supplier and used the book they gave me 30 years ago for the # 

federal  FM FP   he yelled up one side out the other toss those books it is ALL junk now!

the 350 c-175   has been de/unlisted for about 15 years   and  282 piston of various types covers about the most models with many common smalls also.

500 piece/run/shift is very common and doable < $23K less... would be 85 kits

but to get that many owners to commit is the issue  have attempted thi s with 8-10 parts  where it was a shift run,  needed 25 owners to commit to $800 for new updated materials part vs old NOS or china at $1400   /now NLA  seal or bearing we hear about ever 2-3 months.

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