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IH restorers here is a auction

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1 minute ago, DT Fan said:

I'll be there, anything in particular you need?

Well thats the other problem....i havent seen it yet so i dont know i need it!!!. Seriously tho ty for offering. I should take a closer look and if i see something i DO need will let you know. Would be a really cool sale just to be there and take in, looks like.

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15 minutes ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

New old stock heathouser, mufflers, bearings, weed trimmers. Tools, bolts.  Looks like a good one!

I was going to skip it, many other things I could or should be doing. Uncle talked me into going, lots of inventory, could be some bargains.


Let me know if you find something you can't live without.

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would be nice to observe buy a few items ,but last several I attended   3 things happen

good stuff is picked over/BTO have special hold back,or items pulled on these pre bids if not $$$ real time bids

 the 3 major BTO whom get any $$$$ for x part run it up and dump the common # to run the little guy out of cash

NOS boxs are destroyed   and much of the pieces go missing BEFORE it gets to your security detail

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There is some stuff there that I would like to have! Thx for sharing 

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