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Gluing pennies to the floor

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A classic here was fish line on a dollar bill and yank it away right as they were reaching for it.  One time my buddy used a 20,  guy saw what was happening stepped on the bill, whipped out his knife cut the line and walked away. My buddy just sat their holding an short length of line with that lost puppy look on his face

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When working for Hwy. Dept., a coworker nicknamed King would always be looking for coins especially when stopped in a parking lot. He 'd pull out his pocket knife to dig a coin out of road tar on a street. One day I was on his crew hand sealing and came across a coin stuck in tar. Just before he was going to dig it out, I had the hand gun (tar bucket) and covered coin with a fresh   hot tar, so he missed out that day...

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At the construction company I used to work at, they placed a couple coins on the shop floor just outside the dispatch office.   The concrete floor had been sealed with clear epoxy over the coins.  I saw many people try to retrieve them!

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On 5/20/2019 at 8:53 PM, Bdse25 said:

A classic here was fish line on a dollar bill and yank it away right as they were reaching for it.  One time my buddy used a 20,  guy saw what was happening stepped on the bill, whipped out his knife cut the line and walked away. My buddy just sat their holding an short length of line with that lost puppy look on his face

One night at Lernerville Speedway I spied a folded up c-note on the ground.

Expecting it to be a prank, I simply stood on it for a bit.

Felt no tugging and nobody seemed interested so I picked it up.

Free night at the races with change to spare. 

Yeah I know I should have turned it in to the office. Right...

"Will the person who lost a hundred dollar bill please come to the main gate"

Stampede!!!! I saved many from personal injury that night!

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I wasn't always old and cranky.

Back in my younger days-------we always had lots of fun at the local country store.  Lots of us would stop by and have a couple of beers on the way home.

There were two or three that were more serious about having a drink by mid-afternoon and kept their personal bottle under the counter.  One was a close friend of mine who liked to start his scotch sipping off about 3:00 PM-------and be back for several more before the afternoon was over.  Got to the point that he had to have his scotch by 3:00------would come in the store in a rush to pour one up like clockwork.

Temptation was too great---------I just had to Super Glue the top onto his bottle.  (letting the storekeeper in on the secret)  Sure enough he arrived at 3:00 PM in a rush to pour up his drink.   Wrestled with the bottle for about 15 minutes before slamming it down while cussing the bottle maker and would get a cold beer from the beer box and be gone.  This went on for 3 or 4 days------even trying to open the bottle with a pair of pliers.  (I was getting the play by play from the storekeeper and others were in on the joke by now)

Then--------the next day my buddy comes into the store with an ice pick in his hand.   Ahhhhhh-------- problem solved.

Storekeeper stated that she had never seen a more satisfied look on a man's face as the scotch began to stream out of the bottle and into his glass!!!!🤣😂


That Super Glue is a good product.


We don't even have a country store in the community anymore--------times sure change as time passes on.  Enjoy your country store or community hang out if you still have one.



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On 5/19/2019 at 9:35 PM, boog said:

Another time we playing in a park  that had port-a-pots. Between games the home plate umpire, who happened to be the state ASA commissioner.goes into the outhouse. These same 2 girls run up & start shaking it back & forth with the umpire in it. I thought for sure he would be poed and kick us out of the tourney but he came out laughing, even had toilet paper hanging out of the back of his pants. For several years when were playing in a tournament he was umpiring he would always bring it up & would want to know if those same 2 girls were still on the team.

A couple of portajohn related stories.


I was working with a crew on a job site that was KNOWN for practical jokes.  A truck showed up and the driver needed to use the portajohn DIRELY!  It was January or February and the portajohn had not been used in months.  Said driver went inside and closed the door.

Quite some time later we received a call from our dispatch, who had received a call from the driver's dispatch, asking us to stop joking around and release the driver.

We asked for clarification because we were unaware of the situation, and thought that we were being pranked.  It turns out that the driver had been in the portajohn for long enough to cause the substantial pile of snow atop the portajohn to slide off and land right in front of the door, trapping him within.  Cellphone to the rescue, he had to place what we imagined to be an awkward call to his dispatch to notify our dispatch to notify us.  We all had a hearty laugh afterwards!!  At the time everyone, both of the dispatches included, assumed that we had blocked the door shut on the unfortunate chap.


Another job site that I happened to be on had a crane.

There was a fellow that was despised by most on the job site.

One day he left for lunch, coffee, whatever, and left his cellphone behind.

Said cellphone was used to call the foreman who was told that the sorehead was in the portajohn and did not dare return to work until it was lowered to the ground.

The foreman was furious with the pranksters.  Really furious.  He, the foreman, could foresee losing his job over this after the Safety & Health Department, let alone OSHA, got done with him.

When the sorehead returned asking about his phone we instructed him to see the foreman.  At first the foreman had no time to deal with a lost cellphone, but after a bit realized that the sorehead was standing in front of him, not 80 or 90 feet in the air.  At that time the foreman became enraged with the sorehead for shutting down the entire job site with his, the sorehead's, practical joke!!

To a man the remainder of the crew NEVER let on that the crew was intending to play a joke on the foreman at the sorehead's expense.  While that was getting sorted out the sorehead's cellphone had "mysteriously" found its way back to his coat pocket.  When the foreman called the sorehead's cellphone it rang in his coat pocket and he turned many shades of red because he was obviously not in the portajohn 80 or 90 feet in the air!  None of the original pranksters had even realized where the joke would end up, but they all agreed that it had been much more entertaining than originally anticipated.

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