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1456 T/A high side slow to engage. Also in high 3rd gear about 1500 rpms the high side of T/A doesn’t feel like it’s shifting at all. Also struggles to make it up hills in high side of TA. I’m assuming it’s slipping. I put a gauge on the bottom of the MCV and have 210psi. Also have a gauge at the dump valve port and have 240 psi. Lube pressure around 15 psi. Low side pulls fine. Hydraulic filter changed, all other functions work fine. It was supposed to of had a new clutch and T/A about 1-2 years ago, but who knows.  Any thoughts?

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Lube in t/a- 15psi, middle-15psi, dd-15psi

bottom plug in t/a 210psi, middle-210psi, dd-210 psi. 

Port where dump valve is located with hy-capacity tool installed

t/a-240psi, middle- 50 psi, dd- 240psi


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