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Let's see pics of your ih working this spring

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IH 1490 mower-conditioner cutting sudan grass, yesterday, 33 days after it was planted. Most of this was approaching 5 feet tall. Amazing. Almost all of the weather we've had since the planting date has been very warm with quite a few very humid days thrown in for good measure. Perfect growing conditions for this crop. We will round bale and wrap this in the morning.




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This is was last Saturday and so far has been the only place dry enough to work this year.

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oo-kay, we'll see if this works


Wednesday, 2 pics:  12 on the discbine.  I guess it looks a little tough for the hours

Thursday: 826 on the tedder

Friday:  826, not shown, pulling v-rake.   Isn't there an old country song, "Raking Singles With A Double Rake"?   this photo needed to be squared up but too late now  (by the way I am sparing you all a photo of the 826 pulling a dead cow up out of the woods for the rendering truck.  Some tractor jobs just suck that much)

Saturday: 5088 on the baler.   Lots of bales to pick up and haul home 



DSC00917 (2).JPG





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On 7/4/2019 at 5:37 PM, J-Mech said:

You have a sand trap rake?!?!  That's a rare find!!  

I agree!!!!  Nice find!  Very cool attachment 

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On 6/10/2019 at 9:52 PM, ole 815 said:

Gotta love L E D lights🤘


We have that same tool box. LEDs are nice. Put 10 on 0ur 1086. Have 2 more I'd like to add

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On 6/5/2019 at 10:27 PM, J-Mech said:

3 of us together putting in what we could ahead of the rain.  Just went to the field for the first time Monday, and looks like we'll be rained out a while.  

I'm in a 7250 with a 25' 496 and rolling baskets. The Magnum next to me is a 7120 with a 25' JD field cultivator, and the planting tractor is an MX135 with 900 Cyclo 12 row front fold. 


Love the music!

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On 6/13/2019 at 1:05 AM, J-Mech said:

Here's a rare tractor for you guys.  6788.  As most know, just shy of 350 of these built.  I rebuilt the engine on this about 10 years ago.  Engine kit from Howard Enterprises.  I put the tight ring kit in it, so very little blow-by.  It's running 180hp at the PTO.  Pulls the 25' vertical till at 9.4mph in H2.  That vertical till pulls hard too! 


Another 6788 plus a 7140 a 826 and couple pics from my fathers and great grand fathers day 










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The MX just lost horsepower tonight ..... we had a flat tire (cracked sidewall) and put an auction buy on for spare 


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me planting soybeans,with a 620 drill

1466 620 drill 2019 june 30.jpg

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Well, this is the newest addition to my small IH fleet...... though I don’t know if this pic exactly fits in the thread I’ll try it anyways and see what you guys think 


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Finally got around to baling hay and wheat straw.  I guess I forgot the pics of the 826 hydro and disc mower and the 105U on the baler.  We have 3 hydro tractor on the farm. 2, 1026's and an 826 hydro.  Also have an 826 gd. 

Still have the old 46 baler in the shed.  Knotter wore out, but it could be fixed and used. 









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6 hours ago, Long Farms said:

Have you turned in the 1026 S/Ns for the registry?

I have not......

How do I do that? 

One is a goldie.  Still has gold under the hoods.  It's the one with the loader. 

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Raking some hay with my son and my 12. 70CE3008-4EB0-4005-87B5-0D54DE7F6A1F.thumb.jpeg.da1c1a33ff0a3cfb058e9d9e0e808de7.jpegtook a few pics after we got back from our friends funeral that was an IH collector.   We drove the tractors to the funeral.   

Two of the big horses of their time





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