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Yes inner and outer are different 

inner are ok, outer shot

pdf was perfect

now that idlers are done and I get these bearings in i should be good to go other than hard steer on right track

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alot of "dealers are showing them available....? fits many models

have let 150, 340 go to scrap,too $$$ in freight just to sit on shelf waiting  for the 20 parts EVERYone needs

 just sent a request this morning to dealer "have 100's of parts" the ones we dont need or cant use because the associated piece is not available 


very east to find  (1) along with dimensions....I can have 50 under various #/MFG (no matched nos) but have no way to confirm true cross # or quality

at 10 + pcs order they will respond much better

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It isn’t just bearings, just always something 


rebushed front idlers, good motor and pump, rollers, sprockets and a pto to boot

I plan to look at a couple machines this week and make a decision 

part and scrap or keep moving on

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should be the last one you need

good it had all the repairs done.....as to parts, little newer sooo...   here one dealer each AC/fiat left in the 80's  and parts were NLA then

everyone scrapped as the UC went out

for the 340 may have some bearings,having a hard time crossing NOS # of other brands and MFG wants to sell full case to import some

also found new gears /other pieces but having one sided fight as to why provide those and not the more "Needed" parts like the bearing etc

cant reach an adult just screen readers," can only sell what is on screen"   " if you provide ALL possible part # with spec we can look on other screens"     "parts book page does not quantify what we asked for !" "submit in requested format" ?????

they are yellow which means $$$$$$            upto 80 hp  late model UC start at $5k and engines about the same.if 20, 340 owners would commit to $7K MFG would listen


have fun

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Agree mmi, for farm use and playing, I should be good. U/c is all berco. 

I will post up the rollers, sprockets, idlers, track/pto/pump/engine/new clutches etc or someone can reach out via pm/email at plastikosmd at yahoo dot com 

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just did a quick look most anything "55-65 is $5-8K  '65-70 $8-10K  '70-78 $12-15K  '84 -90 $22-28K ,then basically add $2K yr + $300 hp over 40 from there up  

fat alice would be $10-12K ask here too high for weekender and way to old for real work

realistically $4-5- dealer retail possible 7 with uc and engine

work photos !!>>>>>>>>>>?

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got it for about 6 delivered, 80 miles.

i haven’t seen much in that price for the condition. Beat jd350 are well over 10k here (this is jd450 size )

very happy to have new motor/ uc

i think your numbers are about right and feel that I got a great machine at a great price 

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yes looks like very good deal since the advertised td340 are $6-`10K right now with $6 needing $2K in repair......sound familiar...

how is it on weight and local hauling......

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