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Cargostar knuckleboom crane - hydraulic pump connections

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I've mounted a Stellar knuckleboom crane to my Cargostar that I purchased used from truck being parted out.  It has a hydraulic air compressor mounted to it, which is not covered in the factory literature.  The hydraulic pump has been rebranded "Force America" so I'm not able to research the spec sheet on this pump.  It's a double gear pump (I believe is the correct term), so one output goes to the crane hydraulic manifold, and the other output goes to the hydraulic motor on the compressor.  The problem, which is which?

To me it would seem the output on the end of the pump is probably low pressure suited for the compressor.  In the picture you can see the suction port on the top, then a pressure port directly opposing it on the bottom, and the second pressure port on the end.  Seeking advice from those more knowledgeable in this matter.

I did seek out information from Force America but have not heard back.





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The pressure in that tandem pump is going to be the same at both outlets, it is common for a single inlet to feed both gearsets.  If the gear bodies are both the same width, the hose connection doesn't matter.  But if one is noticeably wider, indicating higher GPM, that is the one I would hook to the compressor because the knuckle boom  does not need much flow to operate . Plus, the smaller pump gives more of a mechanical advantage during maximum force lifts.

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