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1975 4070B with DV 800 engine

401 N Michigan

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On 5/9/2019 at 9:52 PM, Howard_P said:

I was in IH Truck Product Reliability when the V-800 was introduced, but heard little of it after that although I have no numbers.  I'm sure the number produced was quite low and it wouldn't surprise me if that was the only surviving one.

Navy and Military and Fire Services bought a lot of the Cabovers with the DV800 and the 900.

I personally loved the DV800 and the 900.

I know almost all I've seen are ex-military trucks. Greenville NC, Warner Robbins GA, Albany GA.

There is an old man in Blairsville GA that has a DV800 and transmission. He always wanted me to changed out  a CAT 941's track tensioner that was leaking- and mine you I am not a CAT person- I want to say 941 sounds right. 941B.

I really wanted that engine, but best as I could figure the tensioner was hydraulic and it required removal for repacking. Bob just thought, replace seal, end of story. No need to remove

I wanted the engine for my Loadstar. At that time I was really working my butt off to keep my DOT certs up and I typically didn't drive my LS1600 over 45mph. Staties took over DMV, and I got stopped a few times. They'd check tire pressure, put the weight pads under my tires, finally came up with- "At 45mph you are not going with flow of traffic".


I was only on two lane and four lane roads- not interstates. I hauled Mulch and gravel with the machine, occasionally I hauled my machines.

I found a 4bbl intake from a 392, put it on the 345. It would go up to 60mph. That 4bbl and wailing on the machine was a bad idea as the engine wore out.

Our local NAPA closed and there went my only source for brake parts- we still have a NAPA but they know nothing of old equipment- they're just a corporate store.

I drove a cabover like yours, Navy owned it and sold it to some folks who were in the business of trucking HAZMAT. That truck pulled really well, it seemed easy to work on, and I never heard the owners poormouth the engine.

They always ranked the truck engines: 800----> 900 ------> DT360 ---->DT460

Same guy had a S-series someone had stuck an IDI 7.3 in- it was a horrible mishmash.

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On 8/27/2019 at 7:03 AM, R Pope said:

The V800 was rated up to 325 HP in a tractor at 3000 RPM.

Was it that muscle tractor they did two iterations of ? like a 1586 or something ?

Do you know how it was cammed or would a person need a parts book to see that ?

Did they go for HP and then let gearing produce the raw pulling power of the tractor ? I'm assuming those didn't have PTO, they were for pulling multi-bottom plows.

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V800's were in four wheel drive tractors, mine was a 4586. 4786 was the bigger one. Ours ran good for ten years until the front diff blew and it wasn't worth fixing. i still have the engine, I wish someone would come and get it so it doesn't get scrapped. It starts and runs great! Has a 9 speed trans and new clutch and flywheel. Trans is actually a ten speed with high gear blocked out.

The 4786 was rated at 350 HP at 2600 RPM, not 3000 as I said above. Ours ran at 2900 all the time we had it.

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On 10/29/2019 at 9:48 PM, 401 N Michigan said:

401 N Michigan Ave was the corporate address for IHC for years....that’s why the name. I’m in Wisconsin...

Oh gotcha, Well I tried! haha. Best of luck to you & Your brother, Looks like a Real Gem keep it original. 

Never know could be the only one left existing. 

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On 10/29/2019 at 4:17 PM, CubNamedOscar said:

Boy those be very rare... So Rare you'd have to "Trip!" Over it literally!!! I once found a 4070B V903 Powered only one I've ever seen and been searching ever since. 

 @401 N Michigan


The Cummins V903 & VT903 were a fairly popular engine used by the big trucking fleets. Consolidated Freightways, Roadway,  even Growmark Industries, the operating name of the distribution side of FS, or Farm Service used a lot of them. I but a combined 500,000 miles on two '79 White RoadBoss 2's ordered out by Standard Forwarding from Midwest White/GMC before the owner of Twin Bridges MACK bought the company, anyhow, there must have been 6-8 new RoadBoss's sitting for close to a year before they were sold, couple farmers each bought one, company I drove for bought 5 or 6.  They made decent HP, they would run O-K with fewer transmission speeds than a Detroit,  but got poor fuel economy. Our trucks had 4.44 gears, governed to 2500, 320 hp @ 2600, company would not keep up on maintenance, barely kept them running.  Would get between 4 and 4.25 mpg in summer, more like 3.25 in winter. The 6V-92 TTA Detroits would make similar HP, needed 9 speeds instead of 6 and get 4-1/2 - 5 mpg in summer.  The Cummins 350 trucks would run off and leave us in the dust.

Dad put 400,000 miles on the IH 4300w 903 He drove for FS. His truck was not turbo-charged, V-903, 270-290 hp. A lot of his loads he had to pump off, sit idling for a couple hours.

I had air dryer problems one trip to Chicago, had to stop at the White truck shop by I-80 in Ottawa, Ill,  they had a mountain of 903 engines in the corner of their shop waiting to either be rebuilt, be parted out, or scrap price go up and sold as scrap.

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On 11/9/2019 at 6:46 PM, R190 said:

CASE  fleet trucks were gray and white Transtars with  903s in them 

Saw a BUNCH of those!  Did a work/study project for J.I. Case Service Parts Supply during January my senior year in college.  Worked in the Traffic Dept. Of the Case Fleet office checking delivery times of truck loads from the warehouse in Racine to the satellite warehouses. Thousands of truck loads of parts.  Their fleet trucks made good time!

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