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IH Dealers in Bland and Tazewell County VA????

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My son is attending VA Tech and on a recent Saturday ventured out into Bland and Tazewell County VA (Southwest VA) and he mentioned seeing a LOT of IH tractors on farms there.  I don't think of that area as row crop farming due to the mountains/hill terrain.  He said lots of farms had cattle - I imagine tobacco was a big crop down in that area at one time too.

Question is - anyone know if IH have had a dealer presence in the Bland/Tazewell County VA area and if so - anyone know any dealer names/locations?

Just curious.


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My uncle has a place in Bland, I will ask him as that is where his wife was from. I get down there a couple times a year, and yeah lots of IH around.  Went to a little town named Pipestem down in the boonies somewhere in south west Va. one time to fix a customer. He had bought about one of every brand of tractor and after about a year old they all started having the same problem, so he would trade for another brand. Fuel system related, he was using same jug to carry 5 gallons of fuel at a time from little gas station up the road. Never kept tank full on tractor (which was stored outside) and didn't ever hear of the word condensation. Even his fuel bucket had water in it.......haven't heard from him since.

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