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Never had that happen, usually fill the new filters with fuel, screw them on, crank it up and never have to bleed. I am guessing you got air into the injector lines. 

Start at #1 injector and crack the fuel line, crank to you get fuel, then tighened, then go to next injector. 

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So no fuel out any injector line then? One at a time...oh and the fuel shut off knob on the dash is pushed in? :-)  (don't laugh..old guy called dealer to fix his tractor cause it wouldn't go, mechanic got on, shoved the fuel shut off in, cranked it and it started)

You have lots of fuel to the pump, I assume both filters are on tight and fuel tank valve open etc. 

I am not sure?


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27 minutes ago, Brent1086 said:

I have injector lines loose at the pump and have ran the battery down twice trying to bleed it. I am afraid something has happened in the pump.

recharge battery

wrong end of lines ( bolt) firm those back up careful of washers

carefully loosen other end (nut) 3-4x and pop line strait up,when tightening should be easy until last 1/3 t do not force relieve/adjust

use an old tube and add 3psi to fuel tank ,rebleed...

make sure pump shut off is moving and in start /run mode

crank 3x for 15 sec  tighten wettest line repeat  if none, after 2 cycle , remove 1 line end fully  crank 3x again until flow,reinstall ,repeat next in line.

once 3 are wet/tight have helper squirt puff of either WHILE cranking leave run 20 sec ,tighten last.... should be good

dont get near or tighten lines when cranking /RUNNING

hopefully you have an old battery and didnt run pump too long with out flow, I would say to add some ATF /engine oil  to last filter but not sure of application.access

per above post didnt look up if you have rear H tank... they are known to be full 1 side and empty on the draw side

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The 485 is essentially the same as our 464, with the D179 and Bosch VA FIP, in 10 years we have never had a starting problem after  a filter change.

This machine model is gravity feed, so the air is purged out of the system by gravity to charge the pump if there is an escape route.

After replacing the fuel filters , the easy way to bleed a 464 is to crack open  the fuel inlet line at the FIP,  this will allow the air to escape from the new filters and fill the filters. The fuel should leak out at the open line or in any other leak in the system from the tank to the FIP.  Since it is just gravity feed  it can take several hours to fill up the system. After there is fuel at the input at the FIP, re-tighten the line and wait another few minutes and it is normally ready to start. (if you have gotta have it start now, use LP air and pressurize the fuel tank, just a few psi until the fuel is at the FIP)  I leave it to gravity because we normally have no source of LP air.

Running the starter to prime the input pump is only going to work after the input pump is filled from the fuel line because the input pump is not self priming.

I have replaced the entire system after an engine overhaul,  and later after an FIP replacement after  the fuel got to the FIP start-up was about 1 minute of total cranking. Remember all the lines and FIP would have had air  in them and I did crack open only one injector line to verify when the engine would be able to start.

In January of 19 I replaced both CAV filters on ours with a single big truck filter,  same fine results, after sitting over night I came back to find the fuel leaking out the cracked fuel line at the FIP, started right in just a few seconds.  

Did your tractor start and run correctly prior to your filter change?

Good luck with your machine.




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If this has CAV filters, I'm betting you've put a seal on the top of the element that doesn't belong there, and it is blocking adequate fuel flow for it to run. I've seen this several times. The new style filters only have a groove around the outside edge of the top, and that seal gets put there because people think it goes there I guess. Only seal used on top is in groove on the header, so have to put that in the groove upside down, then between each component there's a seal. 

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