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I know they show up on the last IH full line poster. They show a 383 and a 483. All of the pictures are artist renderings not actual pictures. I've never seen one.

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I had a one page front/back sales sheet on a 383 IH tractor. IIRC, they were a bigger tractor than a 284 that was built by Kimco(Komatsu/IH joint venture); smaller than the 384, which was the smallest of the 84 series built in England. I can see if I can find that brochure.

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The 383 used a 4 cylinder  Nissan diesel engine the SD23. The 274/284 used a 3 cylinder SD16. A Scout pickup used the 6 cylinder SD33 Nissan diesel engine.  Basically the same internal engine components per cylinder,  just added more cylinders as the engine grew form 3 to 4 and 4 to 6 cylinders. Lots of these SD23 engine parts in Asia and EU. 


NICE restoration 

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Just seen this topic, and thought I'd mention that we have a 4wd 383 and a 2wd 483 creeper, and we use them for logging, and while I have to say that torque is not one of their strong points, it has an amazing lifting capacity, will lift the front off the ground (without the loader on), and the loader will lift the back off the ground! They are extremely reliable, the only problems we have had on the 383, which has around 2500 hours on it, is the front diff blew (while I was going top speed down the road...), due to a oil leak we hadn't noticed, but that was rebuilt as the gears were fine. The other thing was the reverse idler gear lost a few teeth, so we split it and fixed it. And a relief valve stuck open for a while, but it is going perfectly now. I have often thought how much more power it would have it it was powered by a Neuss diesel...

The hydraulic pump is mounted below the injector pump in the timing gears.

The orbital steering pump blew after the local hydraulic shop re-sealed it, and we put the 483 box into the 383, and put a Danfoss into the 483. It steers in something like half the turns! The 483 has been lifted 4 inches, with 36" on the rear and the front axle modified.

They were definitely produced and there are heaps of them here in NZ.



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